Internal Revenue Service Representation

Working with the IRS to resolve your federal tax issue can be overwhelming and time consuming. Let us take the lead by allowing us the opportunity to represent your interests before the IRS to efficiently and effectively resolve your federal tax issue.

We offer assistance with:

Corporate and Individual Income Tax Audits

If you or your business has been selected by the IRS for an Income Tax audit you have a limited amount of time to respond and gather all the appropriate documentation. We can assist you in determining which documents will support your position and be present during your meeting with the IRS Officer.

Penalties for Late Business Filings

Late business filing penalties are normally assessed on a per owner/per month basis up to a maximum of 12 months depending on the business structure. We are often able to obtain full abatement of penalties using IRS Procedures when applicable.

IRS Letters

When you receive a letter from the IRS it’s important you understand exactly what is the nature of the letter and what steps need to be taken to respond in an adequate manner. Have our office review and explain the letter and assist in your response to the IRS, so you can quickly resolve the issue.

Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR) Representation

The Florida Department of Revenue is a completely separate taxing authority from the IRS with an equally separate set of rules and regulations. Through our experience in working with the local FDOR office we’ve gained valuable knowledge that you can benefit from.

We offer assistance with:

Sales Tax Audits

We represent the taxpayer throughout the entire audit process and help them to understand their protest rights after receipt of any notification of the FDOR’s final decision.

Negotiation of Interest and Penalties

Often times it may be possible to reduce amounts resulting from interest or penalties in an effort on the part of the FDOR to quickly resolve your tax issue. We’ll meet with you to review your situation and determine if that opportunity exists.

Account Inactivation

Often times an account is created with FDOR shortly after your business entity registration has taken place with Division of Corporation. Although you never created the account, the filing responsibility still exists for your business and failure to do so can result in penalties. We can help you determine if your circumstances warrant an account inactivation that will release you from any further filing obligation to file.

Letters of Final Notice or Amount Due

If you’re behind on your monthly or quarterly return filings with the State of Florida the best course of action is to bring your account current. Once current there may exist an opportunity to reduce any penalties assessed for failure to file.