Real Estate Accounting

With an ever changing real estate climate in South Florida we utilize over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and leverage our relationships with real estate attorneys and other practitioners to better serve your needs. Whether you’re an owner or investor, we can assist you in protecting your real estate investment, minimize your tax burden and insulate you from risk.

We offer the following Real Estate (through our partner firm GNH Realty LLC) and Real Estate Accounting Services:

Entity Selection and Registration

Selecting the most favorable entity structure for your U.S. Real Estate Investment is important. By taking full advantage of the technology available today, we can process the registration of your entity remotely without your presence in the Unites State.

Acquisition/Disposition Representation

Our State of Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker can assist you with the acquisition or disposition of your U.S. Real Estate Investment and help you determine which property type (commercial or residential) and location best suit your investment needs.

Property Accounting

Keeping a proper accounting of your U.S. Real Estate Investment is a critical part of making future tax planning decisions.

Rental Income Analysis

Whether for an existing property you own or a potential acquisition, we’ll help you analyze your rental income from a cash flow and tax perspective to help you decide if you’re maximizing your current or future investment.

Local, State and Federal Tax Compliance

Compliance is important at every level of government that’s why we work closely with investors to assure timely adherence with all applicable regulations.

Assistance with Leasing your Real Estate Investment

Through our network of domestic and international real estate clients and our relationships with other real estate professionals we work hard to obtain the highest rental rates, so your investment generates the greatest return possible.

Property/Asset Management

As a foreign investor you need to rely on someone who puts your interests first. Through our partner firm (GNH Realty LLC) we handle all the aspects of managing your real estate investment making your peace of mind our number one priority.

Assistance with 1031 Exchanges of Like Kind Property

Take advantage of appreciation in your real estate investment while simultaneously deferring tax. With a 1031 exchange it may be possible to sell your current property and invest the proceeds in a new property without generating any tax. We will walk you through the process step by step by assisting with the disposition of your property and the ultimate acquisition of your new property. We work with a nationally recognized provider of 1031 services with over 30 years of experience to assure compliance with IRS rules.

Accounting and Financial Statement Preparation

We understand your focus needs to be on operating and growing your business, that’s why we focus on the proper accounting of your business transactions and presenting financial records that will assist you in making decisions that will continue to drive growth and give you the confidence to exploit new opportunities.

We offer the following services in this area:

Financial Statement Preparation (Compilations)

Compiled financial statements are often required of an entity in various instances (i.e. bank loans or applications for licensure with specific regulatory bodies such as the Florida Department of Education). With experience in preparing compilation reports for private universities in the State of Florida we know how these reports impact the school’s eligibility, so our team goes above and beyond to make sure delivery is always timely and the report adheres to reporting standards set by the State of Florida.


Accurate transaction data entry, account creation and proper classification of banking activity are all important aspects of the overall process that will assist us in generating a proper set of financial statements.

Payroll and HR Solutions Outsourcing (Payroll, Time & Attendance, Benefits, Insurance, HR Services)

We partner with a nationally recognized organization that provides a wide array of Payroll and HR services that can cater to your needs no matter the size of your operation. We make them part of our existing relationship with our clients to help manage expectations and obtain desired results.

Financial Forecasts and Projections

When considering a new venture or expansion it’s important to analyze the numbers behind those decisions as far into the future as possible to assist in planning, executing and minimizing risk.